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Tips for Traveling With a Supervisor, Managing Partner or Employer


limo service los angeles, LA limo service, sedan service LAAre you going to be taking a business trip with someone who outranks you in the office? This experience can be rather anxiety-producing, especially if you aren't certain about the expectations. Will you need to work late into the night? Will you need to get up extra early? You can still draw boundaries between your personal time and work time, it'll just be a little more difficult.

  • Take your cues from them. However your supervisor is dressing is usually how you should be dressing too -- but you don't want to dress more formally than them unless it is specified that you should do so. If you're in doubt, always ask them how you should be dressing and if there are any items of etiquette that you should know about. This is especially true if you'll be meeting a client that you haven't met with before.
  • Don't overwhelm them. It can quickly become tiresome to be around the same person when traveling even if you like them; this is because travel is naturally stressful. Try to avoid sitting next to them on the plane and try to spend some time apart from them. A business trip is a fantastic time to do your own thing.
  • Always be early. Punctuality is great, but when you're traveling, being early is better than being on time. Remember: the very first time that you're late is going to be the time that they are early! You never want to leave a supervisor waiting for you; they'll be tired, grumpy and it may even make them late.
  • Do take control of your free time. Even when you travel, you should still have a "work day." Protect your free time to ensure that you don't get fatigued -- especially if it is a lengthier trip. (Of course, if it's a short or emergency trip, you might need to put in a few more hours.)

No one can be "always on," so always make sure that you do take a few moments for yourself alone -- even when you're in the thick of things. And when you're in doubt, don't be afraid to ask!

Posted on Dec 03 2014

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