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Tips From Savvy Event Pros


At a recent event and meeting industry gathering in Long Beach, the Long Beach Convention & entertainment Center's upgrades and Pacific Ballroom debut, event pros gathered to discuss the most burning issues in the industry today. Today’s post distills the key information for your benefit.

1.            Social media to justify spend on decor

Caravents’s, Cara Kleinhaut picked up on the theme of décor being the base for rapid proliferation of brand messages, saying: “Social media has given us new reasons to put money toward decor, because we need to give all the brand ambassadors [that is to say, every guest in the room] something to talk about.”

2.            Connect with influencers

Identifying those who already have an engaged audience in your area or industry is key; these influencers, that is to say: bloggers, social media stars and prominent individuals, are worthy of special effort. Picking up on this theme, C.E.O. of Middle Child New Media, Lindsay Fultz, said: “They do all the work for you. They do the heavy lifting. Nothing makes me happier than looking out at an event and seeing people [on their smartphones] and promoting it in real time.”

3.            Focused presence

The value of quality over quantity was again stressed. Liz King, of Events’s Liz King, said: “You don’t have to do everything to become successful. If you have an amazing blog, that’s all you need,”…“Something that provides really valuable content that engages people.”

4.            Realizing full value

Making the most of what you have was emphasized by Smarter Shift’s Jenise Fryatt. “The key is to take the content that you already have at your events and make the best use of it,”…“For instance, you can take the summaries of your sessions, and you can create blog posts for the rest of the year with that. You’ve got 365 days a year of marketing for your event and creating community.”

5.            Keeping the human touch

The tendency add restraint to your online voice in the name of professionalism, was observed, along with the possible damaging consequences by a number of participants. As social media has human interaction at its heart, people will most likely engage if they feel they’re connecting with real people. “Don’t set out to create a brand and try to follow [that brand identity] with your voice,” King assserted. “Just be yourself.”

As an added tip, she suggested picking tools that interface and integrate with one another. “If you’re looking at solutions, try to look at solutions that play well together,” she said.


7.            Green economies

The myth that being green costs more was thoroughly discounted.  “Today there’s no more expense on the sustainability side. Ten years ago, there was an expense difference if you wanted to do sustainable flatware or dinnerware; it was a very limited source of products. Now there’s a demand for it, and once there’s a demand for it, the price goes down,” said Shaun Beard of Savor (responsible for catering at the event) “Caterers help push the manufacturers. [We’re telling them] it can’t just be a round disposable plate, but it has to have character.”

We hope these tips have some utility. As a Los Angeles based ground transportation company, Exclusive Sedan can offer more than just advice to get your event moving. We provide the full spectrum of business and leisure chauffeured transportation and have a long history of working with event organizers to provide outstanding levels of service, planning advice and support. Operating in the Los Angeles area and with affiliates throughout the world, we’d love to hear from you, so call us today to ensure one aspect of your event planning is not of concern.

Posted on Dec 09 2013

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