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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles


best restaurantsWith Los Angeles being such a large and vibrant city, finding an excellent restaurant is easy. Regardless of the dining establishment, you can enhance the overall experience by using the services of an LA limousine company.

Highly Recommended Restaurants

  1. Broken Spanish—This LA restaurant receives high marks for its perfect balance of innovation and casual dining with an incredible Mexican menu. Unlike other Mexican food restaurants, Broken Spanish has a unique selection of authentic dishes, including lamb neck tamales and griddled masa covered with black garlic.

  1. Otium—Another place the limo service in LA can take you and your guests is Otium, which is spearheaded by Timothy Hollingsworth, a former French Laundry chef de cuisine. This restaurant offers a convenient location, beautiful décor, and enticing menu items.

  1. R.B.—Nestled in the Arts District on the south side of LA is E.R.B., a wonderful and quaint restaurant. In addition to indoor dining, you and your guests can choose to dine on the outdoor patio. The atmosphere is inviting and the food absolutely delicious.

  1. The Fiscal Agent—This LA speakeasy features a wonderful menu selection and some of the best cocktails served anywhere in LA. The décor is simply beautiful and the service impeccable.

  1. Charcoal Venice—This grill-focused restaurant in Venice features off-the-chart flavors. Both the owner and chef pay close attention to every detail to ensure your 100-percent satisfaction, and while somewhat pricey, it is money well spent.

  1. Ramen Tatsunoya—When it comes to LA ramen bars, this restaurant ranks among the best. Although this Japanese noodle restaurant chain has just opened in Los Angeles, its perfect Old Town Pasadena location, coupled with the best Tonkotsu bowls around, will make everyone in your group happy.

  1. Little Sister—This downtown restaurant has an Asian menu created by Chef Tin Vuong. Along with the fantastic food, you will enjoy the comfortable décor and outstanding service.

  1. Angelini Osteria—For rustic Italian cuisine, have your LAX limo service take you and your guests to this eating establishment. Literally everything on the menu is delicious, especially the veal Milanese, quail with guanciale, and the house lasagna.

  1. Melisse—For French dining, this is the place to go. This refined restaurant boasts inspired French-American cuisine, complete with amazing wine pairings. The environment is chic and the staff world-class.

  1. Providence—Seafood specialist Michael Cimarusi creates innovative yet refined multicourse dinners that are absolutely perfect. When trying to impress, you will never go wrong when choosing Providence.


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If you’re going out to eat with someone special, celebrating an important occasion, or entertaining a client, you want to choose the right restaurant, and use a top-rated LA limo service.

Posted on Feb 09 2016

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