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Top 10 L.A. Myths Busted!


As a ground transportation company in the Los Angeles area, we serve quite a few people who are either new, or not overly familiar with our great city. We feel it may be useful to debunk the 10 most common L.A. myths - negative and positive - to make your stay match your expectations.

1. The sun always shines.

There is a contradiction in L.A. weather - the winter is both when it (occasionally) rains and the sunniest time. This has led some to think that you get sun all year long. Sadly, this is not 100% true. There is a layer of on-shore clouds that hang about during the summer months: the June Gloom. This makes the mornings overcast, particularly on the beach.

2. The beach is always scorching.

Beach temperatures in Los Angeles average 70 degrees all year long. We get patches were it can push 90 degrees in the summer and winter mornings and evenings can be cooler.

3. Nobody walks.

L.A. is a big city; this makes it difficult to walk from one district to another. However, there are some great shopping precincts in Hollywood and Downtown that are best explored on foot. Once you get to the beach areas - Venice Beach, Santa Monica or Long Beach - you’ll want to walk.

4. All work in the Entertainment Industry

In L.A. our number one industry is manufacturing, in fact it is the largest center producing things in the United States.

5. Everyone’s beautiful.

There is no denying that you’ll find a lot of very good looking people in L.A.’s better night clubs and shopping areas. It is also true that the average (looking) person here makes a real effort with their appearance.

6. The beaches are packed with of blonds.

The population of Los Angeles is mostly non-white. Whites make up just 30% of the population – our beaches naturally reflect our population. You’re more likely to find Hispanic beauties (44% of the population) on the beach than blond bombshells.

7. L.A. is just concrete.

Most visitors are struck by the amount of greenery L.A. offers -- from tree lined boulevards to parks. With the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica Mountains you are also sure to get a green backdrop in these districts.

8. It is a dangerous place and full of gangs.

There are – like most cities – some dangerous parts, particularly at night in L.A. Tourist and business areas are almost always safe. With common sense, you’ll have no problems.

9. People dress formally when going out.

As L.A. is one of the most significant centers of the fashion and clothing industry in the world, people take care over how they dress -- this does not mean they always dress formally. You will see formal dress at the opera, ballet, award ceremonies or at classic concerts but the great thing is that you will feel at home dressed up or down in this city.

10. Driving in L.A. is a nightmare

As a ground transportation company with many years experience in this city, we can agree that it is, at times, daunting driving. Navigation is not impossible but the traffic patterns can be bewildering to a new comer and the signs on freeways can be misleading.

At Exclusive Sedan we hope that your LA experience is a positive as possible. We strive to make your trip with us surpass your expectation.  For limousine or sedan service in the Los Angeles area and worldwide, Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide offer chauffeured ground transportation services for every traveler.


Posted on May 31 2013

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