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Top 6 Most Memorable Chauffeur Roles


It's highly recommended to hire a chauffeured LA Sedan Service and relax in the backseat instead of having to deal with L.A.'s endless streets and epic traffic jams. Since Los Angeles is home of Hollywood and filmmaking, you might even be assigned a driver resembling a Hollywood chauffeur character from one of the classic movies. Here is a list of the top 6 Hollywood actors to whom you may compare your chauffeur with while being driven around LA.



The illustrious Morgan Freeman performs a memorable chauffeur role in an Academy Award-winning film that focused on the prejudice among the African Americans and the Jews in the South. Freeman's character, Hoke, initially just the driver for Miss Daisy, becomes in time a close friend of hers.



This film presents the struggle for survival of an African American family at the beginning of the 60’s. Poitier impersonates a chauffeur in Chicago who has trouble making a living. After seeing this movie, you'll want to tip your private driver well from that day on.



This film is not only important for Anne Hathaway’s career but also because Hector Elizondo made a significant role portraying her private chauffeur, a guy named Joe. He was always there to constantly give her great advice about life. Does your driver do the same?



Do you remember the limo driver who picked up Bruce Willis and took him to the building that would be taken over by terrorists? He is the classic L.A. chauffeur. Argyle was a quiet hero in the film, but he would be a loyal and fun private driver in real life.



This famous New York comedian had a minor role as Tony, the L.A. chauffeur for the "Dude." The story is simple: "The Dude" Lebowski, a person mistaken for a millionaire, seeks compensation for his ruined rug and engages his bowling buddies in helping him.



The movie revolves around Carrey’s character, a guy named Lloyd, who meets the love of his life as a joyfully but terrible limo driver.

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Posted on Sep 13 2016

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