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Top Mobile Apps for an Executive Traveling for Business or Pleasure


mobile appsWhether waiting for a flight, sitting on an airplane, or riding in the back of a chauffeur-driven limo in LA, you have the opportunity to save time, be more productive, and feel less stressed by using any one of the top apps designed specifically for the executive traveler. Even if you are flying or using an LA limo service for a personal vacation, these apps are extremely beneficial.


Apps Designed for Convenience and Efficiency


  • Tripit—Ranked as one of the best travel apps available, Tripit works with mobile devices for lumping all your travel itineraries into one calendar format. As a result, you will find it easier to stay on top of flight schedules, LA limo pickups, hotel bookings, meetings, and more. Designed for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry, Tripit helps you get and stay organized.


  • Chauffeur—Available through Google PlayStore for Android mobile devices, this app makes it easier for you to find a reputable limo service in Los Angeles. With Chauffeur, you can find the best rates, look at different fleet, ask questions, and even determine where the LA limo chauffeur is located prior to pick up.


  • HipChat—If your company has a large number of employees, especially people who work from remote locations, HipChat allows you to stay in touch. The bottom line—this mobile app improves the way you communicate with other people in the company.


  • Hightail—If you work on creative presentations but prefer to travel light, this mobile app is the perfect solution. With Hightail, you can review and comment on complex presentations quickly while going back and forth between your computer and mobile device.


  • Trello—For organizing both short and long-term tasks and goals, Trello gets the job done. Available for all mobile devices, as well as on the Web, this app is a type of task tracker that links directly with the Google Apps Enterprise organization. Some of things that Trello does aretrack progress of company tasks, add new people to various tasks, and attach files using Google Drive or Dropbox.


  • Passpack—Because of the high risk of cybercrime, including identity theft and stolen passwords and accounts, you should definitely consider Passpack. With this mobile app, company passwords and accounts are stored and shared but in a completely safe manner.


Using a Reputable LA Limo Service


Regardless of which mobile apps you prefer when traveling for business or pleasure, by hiring a limousine services in LA you have time to get caught up on work or touch base with family or friends without worrying about different aspects of driving.

Posted on Jan 12 2016

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