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Top reasons to fly on a private jet


What is more important to you: time or money? It seems that these two are strongly connected, and if you can save one, you can also save the other. Private jets are the best solution to do so.

It seems that using them is a great option since we have to manage all the commotion in our lives, the urgent deadlines, and commitments. They give you the chance of going wherever you want without dealing with the stress caused by commercial flights. When it comes to business, everyone knows that time is money.

Exclusive Sedan Service is fully aware that every detail regarding its clients' trips is important. The majority of our clients prefer the air charter option since they consider it to be the most comfortable and productive way of traveling. For things to go smoothly, we provide 24-hour concierge service to any potential traveler.

Choosing a private jet offers you a more flexible, safe and efficient transportation. Here are the advantages of choosing the private jet option.


Less Time On the Ground/ Convenience/Efficiency

First of all, you won't have to waste your time waiting at the long lines at the airport for any kind of formalities like security checks or claiming the luggage. Also, you have the privilege to choose the departure date or if you will travel alone or take someone with you.

We recommend you to pay attention the next time you fly on a commercial aircraft and count how much time you spend until you actually take off. Count the minutes wasted at the immigration and security lines, waiting for all the passengers to board and then the time spent waiting for your luggage.

A private jet spares you of all the unnecessary waiting before your plane takes off.  You won't have to stand in lines or to hurry from one gate to the next. On landing, a vehicle will be there waiting for you to get you to your destination.


Privacy in the Air to Getting Work Done

Not only will it be faster and more time efficient, but it will also allow you to get work done while flying alone.

In 2009, the National Business Aviation Association issued a study that reveals the following: people admit to being 20% more productive while flying on company aircraft than while being at their workplace. Those using commercial flights confessed to being 40% less productive.

Therefore, companies choose to buy their jets instead of sending their employees on commercial flights because it saves them time and money and not because personal comfort is the leading factor.

Also, private jets are called this way for a reason. You have the advantage of arriving at the terminal and immediately board the aircraft without anyone knowing it. While on board, you can behave as you see fit or even discuss sensitive business matters, without having to worry about someone hearing you.

Bigger private jets also have separate conference facilities, giving you the possibility to do your work even at 40,000 ft. above the ground.



When flying with a business jet, you can make business trips that would be impossible when flying commercial. It's quite possible to have a quick brunch in a far-away destination and still sleep in your own bed that night.

A private jet allows you to be complete control of your schedule. You can decide to travel and have an aircraft ready for you with only 2 hours in advance or make a flight change using your mobile phone.

For example, if you decide to land at a different airport halfway through your flight, there are high chances not to cause any problem. Also, if you happen to run late, the aircraft will still be there waiting for you.


Comfort/ Safety

An added advantage to a private jet is the crew. All the staff will be there to serve you and treat you like a king. You will enjoy a meal provided by one of the catering companies specialized in supplying fine dining for private jet passengers. Your luggage will always be on the plane with you and will be loaded directly into your car, at landing.

Did you know that flying in a chartered jet is considered safer than driving a car? This is possible since the professional airlines employ only the best pilots that successfully undergo a strict recruitment process and enforce safety management systems afterward, that surpass any commercial airline.

Exclusive Sedan Service guarantees secure and comfortable travel as a result of following the most rigorous safety standards possible. Therefore, traveling by private jet is much more relaxing. For example, because you can see your luggage going on and coming off the plane, you won't have to worry about them being misplaced or lost!

Exclusive Sedan is renowned for its attention to detail, giving you the opportunity to travel safely, comfortable and be punctual every single time. We promise you that any client demand will be met, whether it has to do with your ground transportation, meals, entertainment, cabin comfort or scheduling issues.


We complete your business trip with the best ground transportation service

Anywhere you want to go, be it the Far East, Paris, London or Frankfurt, Exclusive Sedan Service can manage your ground transportation needs. We have an affiliate network of ground transportation associates that can provide for you in over 480 cities all over the globe. You will have all the consolidated billing included and a single provider for all your transportation needs, including the out of town group meetings and conferences.

Posted on May 04 2016

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