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Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Business Trip Go More Smoothly


If you are starting to travel for business more often these days, you know that the more organized you are, the easier it will be to get to the airport with a minimum of stress. With so many options and things to take care of for your trips, it’s a good idea to take advantage of travel hacks your fellow passengers have learned to use, noted a recent article at Cheapflights.

You know all those important documents that you’ve been photocopying to bring with you on trips in case you lose the original? It’s better to take photos of your documents using the built-in camera of the smartphone you already carry with you everywhere. Most modern smartphones have high-resolution lenses, so you’ll be able to read your images and print out replacement copies if the original documents go missing.

Are you frustrated with how little room you have to pack items in your carryon and check in luggage? Consider using wearable luggage. These clever clothing items come with plenty of extra pockets, letting you carry more of your essentials close to your body instead of trying to stuff them into your baggage.

Make the most of your carryon luggage. In most cases, it’s best to include an extra change of clothing, some essential toiletry items, medications and chargers for your phone and laptop.

Locate the business class lounges at the airport to ensure you will have access to the Internet. If the airport doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi, you can probably sit close enough to a lounge (assuming you don’t go inside) to pick up the lounge’s Wi-Fi signal.

One thing you can check off your lists of things to worry about is getting to and from the airport on your business trips when you rely on the professionally trained chauffeurs at Exclusive Sedan. We handle all the worries when it comes to figuring out the best route (and backup routes) to get you through the busy streets to the airport at the start of your journey and safely back at home at the end of the trip.

Posted on May 20 2015

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