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Travel Insurance: What Business Travelers Should Know


Business travel often becomes routine, but what happens when the unexpected happens? Our professional LA limo service strives to make your ground transportation needs in the Los Angeles area stress-free, easy and comfortable. Our courteous, knowledgeable chauffeurs can do a lot to make sure that your LA airport shuttle service and other transportation services are flawless. However, when things are out of our hands, we have some advice about how to minimize your travel stress and financial liability by using travel insurance.

  1. Use a travel agency to maximize your free insurance coverage. Did you know that most travel agencies will include supplemental insurance at no additional cost? While also providing free assistance with items such as lost luggage, misconnecting flights, and canceled trips, your travel agency may provide complimentary life insurance. They may also be able to negotiate free additional coverage for lost baggage on airlines if your company elects to have a preferred contract carrier.


  1. Use the credit card with the best travel insurance perks. Credit cards will often have travel insurance perks that are not commonly advertised that will cost you no additional fees to benefit from. Simply by placing your travel arrangements on a benefiting card, you may be eligible for supplemental medical insurance, trip cancellation reimbursement, baggage and belonging replacement, and even life insurance totaling well over $1 million.


  1. Buy travel insurance if you are traveling with expensive equipment, on a tight deadline, or leaving the United States during any leg of your trip. There are some instances in which your company should absolutely pay the minimal additional cost to purchase additional flight insurance to mitigate the risk of major financial losses related to travel. For instance, if you are carrying equipment that is expensive or difficult to replace, an airline carrier's insurance is not sufficient. Similarly, if meetings cannot be rescheduled and the flights you are traveling on are particularly costly, it makes more sense to purchase trip cancellation insurance than to risk losing a very costly trip in vain. Finally, if you will be leaving the country at all during your trip, minimal supplemental health insurance can alleviate the stress of getting sick abroad.


  1. Avoid travel if you are likely to require hospitalization, or in dangerous areas. It should be common sense, but if you have a critical illness or plan to go to a volatile country, don't travel. Evacuation is difficult and can cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insurance for emergency evacuation is prohibitively expensive, and costs are typically required to be paid up front by the traveler.


Travel can be risky, but savvy travelers can minimize stress and risk by using professional travel agents, reputable chauffeurs such as ours, and carrying the smartest travel insurance combination for each individual trip. From free complimentary coverage to international health insurance, there is a supplemental insurance available for any budget and need.

Posted on Aug 08 2017

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