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Travel May Be Picking Up For LA Business Travelers as LA Drops on Convention List


Los Angeles business travelers may find that they will be traveling farther for conventions, seminars and expos, making it necessary to take a look at the company's travel budgets. While Los Angeles has previously been one of the most popular travel destinations for conventions, it has recently dropped down to the 19th spot, behind cities like Boston and Houston -- likely due to expense and congestion.

Where Are The Conventions Going?

The top five cities for business and expos were listed as: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Orlando and Atlanta. With Las Vegas aside, this expo list shows that the trend is moving towards less expensive venues -- and Atlanta is no surprise, as it is a central hub of air travel.

As more businesses attempt to cut their convention and expo costs, it becomes vital to position these conventions in less expensive areas. Travel costs, such as ground transportation and flight costs, tend to be relatively inflexible while the actual cost of the convention, lodging and other local arrangements may vary greatly depending on the city and the state

What's The Good News?

For Los Angeles business travelers, this may actually be a relief. Los Angeles may have some of the most high tech and expansive convention centers in the world, but it is definitely a congested city and conventions can be rather expensive. The ability to move conventions outside of the city also means that Los Angeles companies can more readily network in other areas.

And, of course, for those who love to travel for business, this may be fantastic news. Los Angeles employees who are interested in traveling more may want to look into the company's convention list for additional opportunities.

Conventions moving away from Los Angeles does mean that companies are likely to send their employees to travel more often, but many other major convention centers are fairly nearby -- such as San Diego. Ground transportation services will make these convention centers just as accessible as Los Angeles conventions, if properly arranged.

Posted on Aug 20 2014

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