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Travel Tips: Apps for Your Next Road Trip


For your next road trip, consider our travel tips for using some new mobile applications. By using the right apps, you can be more productive on the road as well as relax and have fun. Considering that every day thousands of new apps are developed, your biggest challenge will be narrowing down the selection. To help you get started, top chauffeurs recommended several apps to make your next road trip more efficient and enjoyable.

Top App Choices

Keep in mind that the mobile apps you choose will depend on the type of road trip taken. For instance, applications when traveling on vacation will differ from those used on a business trip.

  • Tune-In Radio – This free application works great for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows phones. Whether you are taking a road trip for pleasure or business, there is a risk of driving through dead zones. With this application, you can listen to 100,000+ radio stations from across the globe. Whether you prefer music, talk shows, podcasts, concerts, or something else, this radio application delivers. 

  • Scout – To map out your road trip properly, this application is essential. With Scout, you can easily locate the lowest-priced gas stations; get personalized recommendations for hotels, events, and restaurants; and benefit from the turn-by-turn driving instructions. This is another free application designed for Android and iOS devices. If you have an iOS, you can also use the bonus Arrival Guide feature that directs you to the best parking close to your location.

  • Greatest Drive – For charting the best road trip itineraries, each with a summary, user reviews, and star rating, this app works great. In addition, it tells you about road conditions, scenery, and traffic congestion. This free app is available for Android and iOS users.

  • Glympse – Not only is it dangerous to text and drive, but in most states, it is illegal. With this mobile application, your GPS location relays automatically to family members and friends. Although this mobile app is always beneficial, it is especially helpful when traveling to new places. The application costs nothing and works for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Roadside America – For long road trips, you can use this iOS application to learn about more than 10,000 points of interest along the route, including parks, historical monuments, sporting arenas, and more. Although there is a $2.99 cost for the app, it is well worth it.

Limousine Service

To make your next road trip even better, why not hire a chauffeur from a top-rated limousine company? That way, you leave the driving to the expert so you can sit back and enjoy your newly downloaded mobile apps.

Posted on Sep 30 2015

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