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Travel Tips: How to Stay Fit on the Road


sedan service LAStaying fit while on the road is actually easier than you might think. Here are our best travel tips on how to stay fit on the road. Success comes down to three basic things. First, set priorities by going to the gym and making healthy food choices. Second, you need to plan prior to your trip, whether you will be hitting a local gym or working out in your hotel room. Third, be sure you never miss two days in a row.


Unless you adopt the right mindset, staying fit while traveling will be difficult. You need the right mental attitude before the trip starts. If your head is in the game, staying fit become easier and more enjoyable.

  • Self-Commitment – If you know about an upcoming trip, make a commitment to yourself that you will work out, whether this entails going to a gym, working out in your hotel room, or going for a walk or jog at a nearby park. 

  • Constant – Just as you pack personal items, exercise needs to be a constant. In other words, it becomes a given that exercise will be a part of every trip you take.

  • Consistency – Never miss two workouts in a row, even if you need to modify what you do because of a lack of time. 

Good Planning

Another way to stay in shape while traveling is with good planning.

  • Checklist – When preparing for a trip, you have a checklist of all the personal items that you need; add workout equipment that can be carried in your luggage. You can pack a jump rope, a good pair of running shoes, an inflatable workout ball, and even Olympic rings that can be hung from a swing set or tree branch. 

  • Alerts – Use reminders on your mobile device so you know it is time to exercise. Something this simple will boost your success.

  • Meal Planning – Be sure to plan meals before leaving on a trip. For example, pack healthy snacks for your room, conduct an online search for healthy restaurants located near the hotel, and always have bottled water on hand. 

Locate a Gym

Another great way to stay in shape when traveling is to choose a hotel with an excellent gym. However, because fitness is so important, there is a good chance of finding a gym close by if one is not located at the hotel. Even a 30-minute workout will keep you in shape.

Road Transportation

When traveling, the best road transportation is a hired limousine. During the day, you can focus on work, and at the end of the day, the driver can get you to healthy restaurants, fitness centers, local parks, and other locations that will benefit you physically.

Posted on Sep 23 2015

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