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Meeting Tips: Treasure Hunts for Corporate Team Building


Everyone loves puzzles, and they can be a unique way to incorporate team playing into your employees' job views. When used properly, treasure hunts are a high-energy, cutting-edge way to help your employees to connect with each other, to build relationships, to blow off steam when they are stressed, to grow together and to celebrate the success of each member.

A treasure hunt challenge can be more easily facilitated when you use a limousine service to carry the players on their searches. It's a great way to have fun and bond outside the workplace. These games may also benefit local charities, like teachers and students, homeless veterans and other worthy causes. Treasure hunts for team building help your employees to learn to work together and give back to the community, at the same time.

A museum or neighborhood treasure hunt can be played in a venue that has already been used, or you might use a limousine service to route a trip for your employees to use in their hunting. Groups that work with puzzle-based systems may be led by a professional or run by a member of your own employee team.

The best way to work out treasure hunts for corporate officers is to be focused on your business and in-depth in your team building, so that there will be plenty of opportunities for your team to bond and use collaboration and fun in order to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle based team-building companies are prepared to run your event, while a limousine service like Exclusive Sedan provides the transportation, as your teams work their way to the end of the puzzle. Organized projects will work to improve morale while they build a team spirit within your company. Figuring out the clues and finding each piece of the puzzle is an interesting and innovative way to bring your employees together.

You can create an interesting and inexpensive treasure hunt where your teams may be issued cameras, with instructions to get photos of various things within a set period of time. Some of the games are time-based, while others use strange types of places that will be relatively difficult for team players to find. Assigning drivers from a local limousine service will give your teams a chance to play as hard as they can without breaking any traffic laws. The money spent on cameras is a drop in the bucket when it comes to building the morale of your employees.

Treasure hunt list items can be easy or difficult to find, depending on how long you want to game to take. A long list is helpful, so that no team can possibly find everything on their list. Some of the treasure items should be easy, though, so that the teams don't lose their spirit looking for things that are difficult to find.

If you have specific items on your lists that aren't normally found in public places, you might use your Exclusive Sedan limousine service driver to take you around town first, to set up specific items in their locations. You may have to be a little creative,. but it's well worth the effort when your employees learn to work together as a team, to solve problems.


Posted on Apr 19 2013

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