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Tripomatic App Has Just Been Updated to Give Users More Maps


limo service los angeles, LA limo service, sedan service los angeles, sedan serviceIt can be tough to stay organized when you are preparing for trips. With so many details to keep track of, from flight information, transportation to and from airports, tasks that you need to accomplish on the ground and all the items that you must remember to pack, travelers need all the help they can get.

This is why many people find it convenient to use the Tripomatic Trip Planner app on their mobile devices. Tripmatic’s developers recently updated the app to enable users to get more maps. Rather than making multiple in-app purchases to get specific new information loaded into the app, users can make a single purchase to get access to an unlimited amount of offline apps.

The reason why you would want an offline option is that you never know when you might run into problems with your cellular data services provider. There could be local problems that prevent everyone in the area to use their phone for Internet access. Now, Tripomatic will let people save maps to more than 450 destinations and use them on their device while offline, and the company says it will be adding more apps every month. Note that users who have previously paid to download a map multipack will get to upgrade Tripomatic free of charge.

Tripomatic enables users to plan new itineraries in mere minutes, with a curated list of more than 100,000 places. You can also use it to determine how long it will take to get from one destination to another and hotels in each place you visit. What’s more, the app will provide you with weather forecasts so you will know what to pack and what activities might be affected. Tripomatic will sync data across all your devices, so you can easily switch between using it on your smartphone and tablet.

Using your smartphone to keep track of your itineraries is crucial when you have a lot of meetings to attend. If you have been using Tripomatic to help with your travel arrangements, you’ll appreciate the new offline mapping options that are now available. Tripomatic is available for iOS and Android devices.

Posted on Mar 13 2015

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