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Useful Tips to Ensure Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Right at Home


The sound of wedding bells is definitely a good reason for people to gather in celebration, and some guests even take the time and effort to book their air tickets in advance or travel over state lines. Since they’re there to share in your joyous moment, you’ll want to ensure that they receive a warm and helpful welcome from you once they arrive. With that in mind, let’s get down to how you can make them feel right at home:

Assist with Accommodation and Travel Plans

It isn’t your responsibility to foot the bill for their travel and accommodation, but you can very well help them out with some suggestions (e.g. best travel rates, places to stay, etc.). Place a few recommendations for them to choose from and check out various types of accommodations near you to see if any are able to take on larger-scale groups during that time.

Always Remember to Include Important Details

One of the best things you can provide your guests with is a wedding itinerary, and that can be done separately or added to your invitation suite. You can even have offline and online options to make it easier for them. Include details such as key times, venues, what to wear, and the types of activities. For those intending to stay longer, you can even include a summarized travel guide on the things they can see and do during their stay.

Surprise Them with Welcome Bags

A welcome gift pack or surprise can truly warm hearts and comfort weary ones. Just imagine how delighted they’ll be to receive something from you, and depending on your resources, that can range from complimentary spa sessions to a thoughtful plate of homemade brownies. The purpose is simple: to let your guests know that you appreciate them for taking the effort they’ve taken to attend your wedding.

Do Your Best to Keep Them Entertained

You might be running about and seeing to last minute details, but most of your guests will probably have nothing much to do before the big day itself. For those arriving earlier, you can always throw a welcome party or arrange a gathering of sorts. If they prefer to entertain themselves, just help to provide them with a handy list of eats, activities, and other interesting venues.

Organize and Arrange Their Transportation

If your guests are traveling from farther away or are unfamiliar with the place, they would most likely need your assistance with transportation. Some might prefer to rent their own cars, but there might also be some who don’t. One way to make things easier for your guests is to arrange for group transportation, and our LA limo service can definitely help with that. We’ve seen our fair share of happy occasions, so you can definitely rest assured that we’re more than able to accommodate your own special plans. Our dedication to providing the highest-quality services to our valued clients means that customers can count on us to arrange and take care of all the details for your travel arrangements.

Posted on Feb 05 2019

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