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Why You Should Visit Los Angeles This Summer


Summer is a great time to visit LA, with its spectacular sights and sounds, its celebrities and thriving social scene. As soon as you land, make sure you book our Los Angeles limousine bus. Our LA car service guarantees you will have the time of your life.

The treat doesn’t end there as Exclusive Sedan Service offers a lot more in the Los Angeles car transportation scene. Good car service entails a lot, and you can be sure that we will offer you this and a lot more. Our chauffeurs are exclusively trained and recruited with the utmost care and consideration to ensure that they carry themselves out with absolute professionalism. We adhere to strict rules and regulations, and that is why we have managed to stay in business for more than 25 years.

Here are some interesting activities you can experience while in L.A. this summer:

  1. Attend a free concert: During summer, LA is usually bustling with many free concerts. It doesn’t matter what you taste of music is, there is always a free concert to match it. The venues are also different, from the sunny outdoors along the street to the many clubs, you will always find something that will make you dance.
  2. Surf in Santa Monica: Santa Monica is scenic during summer time. Even before you reach the beachside, you will get to see a lot that will please your eyes. You can take a walk on the streets and get to experience the amazing breeze brought by the palm and eucalyptus. There are also mountains on the other side of the beach which are a lovely sight to view while surfing.
  3. Road trip to Santa Barbara: Visit the scenic Santa Barbra and enjoy the beaches. While there, you can get an exciting history lesson about the area and experience the golden oldies.
  4. Eat ice cream: Visit L.A’s wide variety of ice cream parlors and enjoy wonderful and unique scoops of ice cream. Hydrate yourself as you feel the lovely heat tickle your skin.
  5. Visit the Hollywood Bowl: There is always a fun concert to attend at the Hollywood Bowl, and when there is none, you can spoil yourself with a relaxing picnic in the outdoor amphitheater. This venue has hosted legendary musicians such as The Beatles, Big Band, and many others.
  6. Wine Tasting: You don’t have to go to a vineyard to experience wine tasting. L.A has lovely wine shops that provide theme-based wine tasting experiences. Taste various types of wines for a little fee. The best part is that you might go home with a discounted bottle of wine.

About Exclusive Sedan service:

Regardless of the way you choose to spend your summer in L.A., know that you can always count on Exclusive Sedan Service for all your transportation needs. Our extensive fleet of vehicles is at your service, and our professional chauffeurs are ready to take you in style to the destination of your choosing.

Posted on Jun 20 2017

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