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What are the rules/laws about serving guests liquor at corporate events and then letting them drive home?


limousine service los angeles , corporate eventsYou should be aware of your liability if you are serving guests alcoholic beverages at your corporate event, since you don’t want to get into trouble. You can avoid the problem by not serving alcohol in the first place, but many of your guests may be social drinkers. If they’ve had one too many, don’t be afraid to use a limousine service to ensure that they get home safely.

When you plan an event that includes alcohol, it will be more challenging than planning a party with non-alcoholic beverages. You may end up having to watch out for people who have had too much to drink, and sometimes this seems like hiring yourself out as a babysitter.

If you are taking over a yearly event that someone else hosted in the past, it will be your responsibility to do your research and check to see if there have been problems in the past with people getting drunk. You can’t let them drive drunk, so you might want to have a limousine service rented for the evening, to cover yourself.

If the bosses of your company will be at this event, the employees will be a bit more likely to stay in line and not get too drunk. But if most of the attendees are on the same level as far as their position in the company, this lends itself to more social drinking, and less worry about what others will think.

A game plan is your best bet when you hold corporate events. Have your bartenders trained in the TIPS protocol. This stands for Training for Intervention ProcedureS. Staff can walk around in small teams to check on people who may be drinking a bit too much. Some attendees use these events to “let loose”, so it will pay to have a reliable and comprehensive limousine service like Exclusive Sedan Service standing by so that there is a valid alternative to drunk driving.

When you plan the event, make sure everyone knows the game plan. Cover yourself and your company, as well as the staff and your attendees, in case they end up in court. The liability is yours to ensure that they do not cause injury after drinking.

Each state has its own laws about serving alcoholic beverages, but if you think someone has had too much, then simply don’t serve them anymore. Make sure that your servers and bartenders know that they are allowed to refuse to serve drinks to anyone who looks like they have already had too much.

With modern technology on your side, you can also monitor the blood alcohol level of your guests, before you let them drive. But they could be impaired drivers even if they’re not legally drunk, so the best bet is to send them home with a car from Exclusive Sedan Service. Make sure that you’re not serving anyone lower than the legal drinking age in your state. This should go without saying, but some people think that corporate affairs are different.

If you notice that one of your attendees is intoxicated, then you are now the owner of the issue and its potential liabilities. There is always an alternative to letting someone drive when drunk. Sending those who are intoxicated home with a sedan from Exclusive Sedan Service is an excellent way to avoid the liability of having them injure someone while driving under the influence of excess alcohol.


Posted on Nov 30 2012

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