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What Distinguishes Drivers from Chauffeurs?


When you contact us to book a ride, you may be wondering what kind of a person will be behind the wheel when your luxurious vehicle arrives to take you to your destination.

Customers of ground transportation services firms sometimes don’t know that there is a difference between drivers and chauffeurs. The distinction is important because you want to go with a car service that employs safe, professional chauffeurs rather than ordinary drivers.

Extensive Professional Training

Anyone with a valid driver’s license can get behind the wheel and call him or herself a driver. However, real chauffeurs have gone through extensive, professional training.

To be considered for employment as a chauffeur, candidates must bring a copy of their driving record and prove that they know the rules of the road and the ins and outs of providing chauffeured services to customers.

Safety First

We’ve all seen the safety training films that schools show in driver’s education courses. After the basic classroom instruction new drivers participate in and the tests they take when getting their driver’s license, there are no more obligations to study and apply advanced principles of driver safety.

This is important, because customer safety depends on chauffeurs being expert drivers who put a priority on safety. Our chauffeurs are supported with exemplary, detail-oriented mechanics who perform inspections and maintenance on the vehicles on a regular basis.

Priority on Delivering Excellent Customer Service

An ordinary driver will not know how to provide the outstanding customer service that professional chauffeurs are known for delivering. For example, chauffeurs always have backup plans in case of inclement weather, street construction or special events that can lead to traffic jams. 

Chauffeurs also wear professional uniforms and exercise discretion as they transport customers from point A to point B in the safest possible fashion. You will see chauffeurs gladly helping customers with their luggage, always delivering service courteously and with a smile.

At Exclusive Sedan, we’re proud of our team of professionally trained chauffeurs and their exemplary safety record. We only hire the best chauffeurs to ensure that each person who books a ride with us will get a consistently high level of customer service.

Posted on Apr 17 2015

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