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What Meeting Professionals Need To Know About Technology


For those involved in event and meeting planning, technology has – and will continue to – have a massive impact. Some new technologies have been universally adopted (think smart phones), with those that failed to adopt them early being competitively disadvantaged. On the other hand, some possible innovations quickly became dead ends and any money invested in them would have been lost. This short post gives you the bottom line on tech for meeting professionals.

Implementation is as important as innovation

Just like any new aspect of a business, what leads to success where technology is concerned is successful implementation that makes the business more efficient. If you feel you are using technology for the sake of it, you’re not going to achieve much. On the other hand if you have a clear objective and look for a technical solution for it, you’ll be on the right path.

Intuitive is good

While technology can require training and implementation, the more intuitive something is, the more likely it is to be successful. People will get it themselves.

Reversion is not a bad thing

Although technology offers many advantages, you need to have a start point for something not functioning. This should be simple and deliverable.

Audience orientated

You need to leave your own biases at home when considering new tech - the only people that matter are your audience. Ask yourself if they are likely to get along with a new innovation, or will it just cause friction. Some people really feel the need to have paper in their hand, you won’t and shouldn’t try to change this.

Do you really need it?

Technology can feel like a race, with everyone trying to outdo each with ever better and newer things. You need to always check that none of this is intruding on the main idea or thing. Tech should, for example, never detract from or replace a speaker; it should add to the experience.

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Posted on Apr 09 2014

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