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What the Google Car May Mean for the Executive Car Service Industry


google carThe automotive industry was taken by storm with the invention of the driverless Google car. Known as autonomous vehicles or AVs, experts anticipate that these vehicles will have a distinct impact on the executive car service industry. However, the degree of change still remains a mystery.

The primary role of the Google car and others like it specific to mobility, the economy, and society as a whole could be incredibly profound. To better understand how LA limos might be impacted, consider a few factors.

Key Implications


  • Leading the Way for Industrial Fleets—Although fully autonomous-type vehicles currently exist in controlled environments, experts strongly believe they will oneday lead the way for all industrial fleets. Although LA limos are safe and cost-efficient, autonomy may up the future.

  • Complex Driving Conditions—While software algorithms required for handling complex driving situations is years away, some feel that long-term, AVs will be used for delivering parcels with their algorithms.

  • Driver-Assisted Systems—If you look at limousines in LAX, as well as personal vehicles, you will see a greater number of advanced driver-assisted systems. To prepare people for the Google car and other fully automated vehicles, even more advanced systems will be introduced over the next decade.

  • Changing Landscape—With AVs, there will be greater opportunity for car Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Considering the importance of safety pertaining to the Google Car and other AV technologies, more customers may be interested in strict adherence to OEM service processes, as well as the use of original service equipment for repairs and maintenance of AV systems. Obviously, for independent service providers, this could create serious challenges.

  • Automobile Insurance—Something else to think about is insurance. Automobile insurers offer coverage for accidents caused by human error, so when it comes to driverless cars, the core business model of insurance companies will probably change. In this case, the focus will shift to technical failure as opposed to mistakes made by humans.

  • Easier Parking—Even parking will change. Currently, professional chauffeurs go through extensive training to learn how to handle all types of situations with an LAX limo, including parking. However, with the Google car, the need for parking space in the US will decrease dramatically.

  • Fewer Accidents—Another way in which the executive car service industry will be impacted by AVsis the drop in accident rates. Unfortunately, car accidents have a significant impact on the US economy, costing more than $210 billion in 2012. According to experts, AVs will reduce crashes by as much as 90 percent, thereby saving roughly $190 billion.

The Bottom Line

Although AV technology is coming, full implementation of the Google car is years away. Until that time, you can continue to benefit from the services of an LAX limo service for both personal and business travel needs.

Posted on Feb 23 2016

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