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What You Need to Know About Your Attendees


One of the greatest challenges in staging an event is ensuring that you satisfy the needs of your attendees. If follows, that to know what they want, you need to know a lot about the types of people that are likely to attend. While every event will attract a different type of attendee, there are some common needs they all share; this post lets you know what you really need to know.

Network, despite themselves

When asked, one of the most comprehensive and oft repeated reasons for attending an event is the chance to make useful contacts. This is true no matter what personality they have. What it means for the event planner is that you need to facilitate networking despite some attendees. How? Be creative and ensure that you have a jovial atmosphere, plenty of places for people to network and activities that bring people together.

People love freedom

Despite the most amazing speaker, given the choice a lot of attendees would rather be chatting, catching up and networking rather than sitting and listening. Don’t fight this. Make sure people know what’s going on in the auditorium and try and nudge them in that way but don’t let the success or failure of your event depend on you getting someone to do something they might not want to do.

Parking pains

You just know that a lot of attendees will not read any of the information you send them and turn up, try and park, and then blame the event when this doesn’t work smoothly. You can mitigate this by good planning, some people out front to control things and encouraging people to use central transportation.

Exclusive Sedan is a company that has immense respect for event organizers; we know you perform multiple tasks with dedication and commitment and carry a heavy burden. We hope that this short summary has proved useful and can offer some more concrete assistance with your transportation plan - the next time you need quality ground transportation in the L.A. area you consider a company that understands that long term success is built on working with partners in the travel industry to build fruitful and enduring relationships. Call our team today to see what we can offer.

Posted on Mar 27 2014

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