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Why Exclusive Sedan Service Beats LAX Shuttle Service


As a business traveler you have enough to deal with - you need to devote your energy to achieving the goal of your trip and not just to getting there. This is why as a business traveler you can’t accept unreliable ground transportation. It’s the reason that the LAX shuttle service just doesn’t cut it for business travelers. You may think it’s convenient, cheap and just as fast as a car, this is wrong and this post explains why.

Shuttle Service

The word service does not really apply to the LAX shuttle, it’s not service. It’s not luxury. For example, may not even get a seat. You will have to share it with all the other travelers: families and leisure travelers, so it’s not quiet. It’s not private. Also, it’s not even properly ventilated, so the atmosphere inside is best described as hot and pungent.

A business traveler is not really in the position to accept this level of service. You need an environment where you can think, work and communicate with your office. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to achieve any of that if you can’t even sit down. Upon arrival, you’ll be judged on your appearance: tired looking and sweaty will not inspire confidence.


Consistency is not a key feature of the shuttle service. It will get you into town at some point. What a business traveler needs is dependability and reliability. You have to be at your destination, so you must have ground transportation that can do that. The shuttle will not. It is subject to the vagaries of its routes, passenger behavior and won’t re-route around heavy L.A. traffic.

You may find it empty or full of anti-social passengers – you just can’t say. You will have to haul your valuable luggage to the departure point and then you can’t even see it for the journey.  Again, this is not something many business travelers are comfortable with.

Quality Business Ground Transportation

For business transportation a much better option is the use of a quality limousine service and hiring a reputable LAX limo. The experience will begin in baggage reclaim; where a smiling chauffeur will meet you, collect your baggage and escort you swiftly to your luxury sedan.

A limousine service worthy of the name will monitor the traffic and have worked out alternate routes in times of heavy traffic. They will also have plenty of space for your luggage, an expansive and comfortable back seat, fresh bottled water, the latest newspapers and anything else that you’re likely to need to put yourself in the right frame of mind to succeed in your business goals.

At Exclusive Sedan we value our business customers and feel that you deserve nothing but the best service. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been serving business and offering our customers an outstanding level of service, not just in L.A. but worldwide, for over 30 years.  Don’t sell yourself short and set yourself up to fail the next time you need L.A. ground transportation, call Exclusive Sedan.


Posted on Sep 27 2013

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