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Why You Should Charter a Private Jet With Exclusive Sedan


limousine service, jet charter LA, sedan serviceHave you heard of a private jet charter before?  Private jets are chartered for a wide variety of different reasons or purposes. One of the most common reasons why jets are chartered is for business purposes.  Chartered jets are considered luxurious and elegant in nature.  In the United States and all around the world, there are a large number of business owners who need to have meetings with their clients.  Many of these business owners feel an obligation to provide their clients with complimentary travel arrangements.  Of course, they can purchase a traditional plane ticket for their clients, but many want to use the “wow factor,” to their advantage by chartering a private jet.

Although business owners are one of the most common users of private jet charters, you don’t have to be a business owner just to charter a private jet.  Private jet charters are also used by many couples who are looking to take a private, romantic getaway.  As you likely assumed by the name “private jet charters,” if you choose to charter a private jet, you will be the only passengers on that jet, aside from the crew.  This privacy is something that is difficult or completely impossible to receive on a traditional commercial flight..

Privacy is one of the many reasons why people choose to charter private jets.  Another reason many people choose private jet charters is convenience is another.  When chartering a private jet, you do not have to wait in long airport check-in lines.

Another reason why you may want to think about chartering a private jet is because of last minute travel.  It is no secret that making commercial airline reservations at the last minute can be quite costly. While there are some airlines that lower the cost of reservations, to increase the number of passengers that they have, there are others who actually raise their ticket prices.  This is rarely seen with private jet charters. Most private jet chartering companies charge you the same amount of money, no matter when you choose to make your reservations.  Therefore, if you find yourself unable to make your last minute airline reservations, due to lack of seating, consider a private jet charter. In fact, with raised last minute prices, you may even find it cheaper to charter a private jet!

Exclusive Sedan Service clients have the flexibility to reserve Light, Medium, or Heavy Jets for each and every trip. Our client services representative will consult with you to determine the most appropriate jet for each trip, based on the number of passengers, luggage requirements and the distance to be traveled.

Private jet charter is one of the safest methods of travel available. Air charter carriers operate their private jets with regular oversight from the FAA on operations, maintenance and training. Most carriers exceed the training requirements dictated by the FAA.

Statistically, flying in a chartered jet is safer than driving a car. With Exclusive Sedan Service's rigorous safety standards, clients board our planes confident they are secure and protected. This knowledge makes traveling by private jet even more relaxing. Private flights are safer for your luggage as well; since you'll see your bags going on and coming off the plane, you'll know they haven't been lost!

Let our client service representatives help you before your trip, and you'll be able to fully relax and enjoy your flight when the time comes.  For your quote or to make a reservation for private jet charter, call us at 818 765 7311 or by clicking here.

Posted on Mar 01 2013

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