Duty of care

What we care about?

Duty of care

According to a report from the Global Business Travel Association, a well-designed and implemented travel policy is the foundation of an effectively managed corporate travel program, and at Exclusive Sedan, we agree. Serving the corporate ground transportation needs of our customers in greater Los Angeles, we understand the importance of Duty of Care, as well as the overwhelming need for adequate management and compliance with Duty of Care practices, which is largely absent in many facets of our industry.


Our Safety and Security Commitment

When you ride with Exclusive Sedan, you have the confidence that comes from knowing who your driver is, the full description of the car that will be meeting you, and where your car is at any given time. We accomplish this through the use of our own proprietary mobile app, which provides you with photo identification of your driver, vehicle details, and real-time GPS position mapping.

Vehicles and Driver Screening Policies

Our commitment to the safety and security of our passengers is behind everything we do. This is why we go to such great lengths to ensure that our vehicles are always in top running condition and no more than five years old. All vehicles are also outfitted with markings that are compliant with local regulations, and routinely screened to ensure the highest levels of safety and cleanliness.

All our drivers are fully vetted and insured, and are required to submit to fingerprinting and exhaustive background checks via local authorities. If local regulations don’t meet our high standards, we perform our own background checks for an extra level of confidence and protection for our passengers.

We insist on hiring drivers with a minimum of two years prior commercial driving experience, and a proven record of commitment to quality service for every passenger. Our drivers must also pass a battery of background checks and have a clean driving record to be considered as chauffeurs for Exclusive Sedan.

Proprietary Mobile Technology

All Exclusive Sedan drivers utilize the company’s mobile app for drivers. The app provides our dispatchers, passengers, and the people who arrange travel for our clients with information on the current location of vehicles, the make and model of the passenger’s assigned vehicle, and a photograph of the driver who will be meeting them.

Driver Reviews

We perform regular and exhaustive performance reviews on all our drivers. Every driver in our fleet is subject to routine surprise audits, and we encourage customers to fill out scorecards and feedback forms via our mobile app. We also provide our passengers the opportunity to return a post-ride survey, and welcome any and all feedback about their experience.


All Exclusive Sedan drivers are required to hold high upper-limit automobile liability insurance policies. They are further required to list Exclusive Sedan as an additional insured entity on those policies. Exclusive Sedan also carries its own additional commercial blanket coverage, to be able to meet or exceed any eventual shortfalls in the unlikely event that an accident takes place.

Data Privacy and Protection Practices

Exclusive Sedan takes protecting our customer’s data seriously. We are a PCI-Certified company with a commitment to permanently maintaining that designation. Doing so means that our procedures must comply with a rigorous set of security measures, which ensure that customer data is fully protected at every step of every transaction, from processing to transmission to storage in our exclusive, secure cloud storage environment.

Throughout Los Angeles and to the farthest corners of our operating area, Exclusive Sedan is fully compliant with all applicable local laws and guidelines related to privacy protection. Our IT platform is in a constant state of review, so our customers can be confident that their data is 100 percent safe.

It is our honor and pleasure to be considered as your premier chauffeur and limousine service in greater Los Angeles, and to provide you with truly outstanding service and unmatched commitment to the comfort, safety, and privacy.