In big business, it is vital to save money wherever and whenever you can, and travel can be a real killer when it comes to extra expenditures. These are some examples of some of the worst mistakes that an executive can make while traveling that can really cost or affect productivity.

Packing too heavily

When you travel for business, remember to be as thrifty as possible. Weight Overage Charges are at an all-time high and can pack on a lot of additional costs. It is all too easy to over pack and take things that you won’t even need on your trip. Do your best to make sure that you haven’t exceeded the 50-pound limit on your carry-on luggage before you have left the house; try to find a scale suited for weighing in long before you board. By keeping your luggage light and limited, you also avoid having to check a bag. If at all possible keep everything light and easy so as to eliminate costs and to eliminate the possibility of losing your luggage.

Sleep Loss

Always make sure to get the sleep you need immediately before leaving for a flight. Sleep loss will result in lack of energy, poor decision making, a poor attitude and possibly even accidents. A good night’s sleep, a quick nap or whatever rest is possible before travel is vital; if it is a long enough trip, make sure to get the sleep you need on the flight. Even if it seems like there is vital work or research that needs to be handled on the flight and caffeine should be enough, it most likely isn’t, so always try to leave time for work and rest. There is no replacement for good sleep to keep you lucid and at your best in any situation.

Not factoring in the details

Finding the lowest price is usually close to the front of any good business person’s mind. It is important to realize that always going for the lowest cost doesn’t mean you’re getting the best deal. For instance, if a hotel room is chosen because it is the cheapest, but there was another that was only $10 more and came with free Wi-Fi and breakfast, then clearly it was poor judgment to pick the cheaper, because, after necessary costs of travel for business, you’ll actually end up spending more. It’s important to remember the little things, like going for the flight that has no layovers, regardless of its costing a few dollars more. Keeping productivity high is just as important as saving money, and in the end, it’s all a balancing act.

Lack of proper research

It is all too common to be in a hurry for an important trip and not get the proper research done about your destination city. This is as simple as bringing up Google or BING or any other search engines and doing some basic area searches for where you are headed. Little things like the geography can cause massive costs, delays and issues by simply assuming that it wouldn’t be “that bad” and making the trip happen for the sake of time. Get to know your destinations; it can only help to know that you might have to use a ferry to get anywhere when you arrive. Although this is a short list, remembering these things when it’s time to book your business travel can help you have the most productive and comfortable time.

Not taking care of your food concerns

There is no sense in not eating before a plane trip, unless of course your stomach can’t take it. It is a good idea to at least grab a snack long before boarding and making sure that you have some snacks handy for the plane ride, even if they are as simple as a bag of nuts or pretzels, or a granola bar. If you think that you are somehow saving time by eating at the airport before and/or after the flight, consider the limited options available at the airport and the premium price you’ll pay for those limited options.

Productivity can be also increase if you have proper ground transportation. Whether you are traveling to a new city like LA or you need a car service in your current town make sure you hire the ones that are concern for your safety, comfort and productivity.

Although this is a short list, remembering these things when it’s time to book your business travel can help you have the most productive and comfortable time.


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