Anyone who travels a lot must have noticed an increased number of travelers lately. If you haven’t already, you will.

Did you know that July is considered the busiest travel month of the year by the airline industry? That happens because the schools are closed and everybody goes on vacation; additionally, businessmen are trying to schedule and attend as many meetings as possible until the end of the month.

A report issued by the Bureau of Travel Statistics stated that in 2014, 71.8 million people flew throughout July. Compared to February, which is considered to be the slowest month in this industry, that’s 37 percent more passengers.

We would like to reveal to you some tips to have a successful business trip this summer.

1. Were you aware that there is a difference between ‘non-stop’ and ‘direct’ flights?

Despite your initial belief, they are not the same thing. When traveling on a direct flight it means that the plane may still stop, but you won’t have to switch planes; you’ll have to stick to your place during the layover. If you have a quick business meeting, we recommend you choose a “non-stop” flight instead of a direct one. We bet that you don’t want to spend a day to travel to your destination and another day to return home.

2. Try to score an upgrade.

First of all, you have to establish your flight itinerary; the next step is to attempt to obtain an upgrade by booking an economy ticket with a “Y” or “B” booking code. This implies that by getting your ticket at full price, you will get a complimentary upgrade in case there are available seats in the next class of service. You must ask for the upgrade the moment you reserve your ticket and afterward, we recommend you to check your status 24 hours before your flight is due. Usually, a frequent flyer will be contacted by the airline company about 100 hours before departure.

Another advice: wear proper attire. You will be surprised to hear that airlines search for people who are well-dressed and reward them with a free upgrade. Try to dress comfortably, but dress to impress. By doing this, there are high chances that your seat at the back of the plane might change into a first-class experience. You might even end up meeting a potential client there.

3. The early bird gets the worm.

In case you don’t want to wait in line, at the airport, with crowds of people going on their summer vacation, we suggest you fly out as early as you can. Usually, these early flights tend to be on time; even if there might be a delay, there are still high chances of getting to your destination city on the same day. This is especially valid when flying out of busy airports, like Los Angeles’ LAX.

4. Develop a sound packing strategy.

This can seem a pretty obvious thing, but people still try to shove rather big carry-on suitcase into a small overhead compartment. Of course that this kind of traveler usually gets angry when the flight staff says the luggage needs to be examined. It’s normal to dislike paying those annoying fees, but it’s not the airline’s fault if someone’s luggage tries to challenge the laws of physics.

Therefore, we advise you to be astute in any circumstances, no matter if you travel for business or pleasure. Did you know that during 2014, airlines gained around $3.5 billion in checked baggage fees? The Bureau of Transportation Statistics confirms it.

When packing, the first thing you should do is to put the essentials: underwear, socks, an additional shirt or pants/skirts that can all be combined and matched with one another. It’s a clever idea, for example, to pack two shirts for every pair of pants.

The second step is to pick something that helps you sleep better: a pillow, blanket or your favorite sleepwear. Pack some extra necessary objects (toothpaste and cellphone chargers for example) in your carry-on bag; you might need them at the airport, aboard the plane or during that a potential delay. In case your luggage gets lost, the toothbrush you put in the carry-on bag will prove to be quite useful.

5. Don’t blame the weatherman and be sure to leave plenty of time.

Even if you are traveling by air, you have to take into account the traffic. And don’t forget about the weather as well. Therefore, is essential to take care of every little detail regarding your trip to the airport.

Nowadays, things are getting more complicated when it comes to airlines offering waivers to their travelers in case bad weather will be passing through the respective area, possibly canceling their flight. Therefore, verify if bad weather is coming, then talk to your airline company before heading out to the airport. If unfortunately, they have to cancel the flight, ask them if you can change the flight. You should bear in mind that airlines will not give any compensation if severe weather circumstances cause the cancellation. You must realize that nobody can control the weather.

We recommend you also think of the traffic jams and take plenty of time to get to the airport. Having a 6 a.m. flight doesn’t imply that you’ll get to the airport too fast or that you’ll go through security very quickly. The only one to get you on time is Exclusive Sedan.

6. Charge everything you’re going to need the night before

Make sure you have packed all the necessary gadgets, cords and devices for your flight or the future meeting. Make sure that they are within grasp if needed, and also that you never, ever embark on your flight with an empty battery. Keep in mind that not every seat or not even every airline has available outlets. In case you go on a business trip, this valuable time spent on the plane can be used taking care of emails or getting some work done. So, make sure that your computer battery is fully charged.

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