Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t consider traveling to be invigorating, exciting and fun? Whether you’re going to a new destination for business or pleasure, is quite interesting to visit a new country and to encounter a different culture. The difference is that when you’re traveling for pleasure, you can dedicate all your time and truly experience the local culture. In contrast, if you’re traveling for business, is very likely not to have enough time to explore since you’ll be busy with all that meetings and presentations. In either case, there are many fantastic tips out there for frequent international travelers. As an experienced global ground transportation company, we have reached a unique understanding of global traveling and we are excited to share our tips with regular worldwide travelers.

Collect business cards. We suggest you get them not just from the people you meet on the plane or business associates you meet at meetings, but also from the hotels you’re accommodated. This is very useful in case you get lost, and you need the address, especially if you are in a country whose language is unfamiliar to you. When you have the hotel’s business card, you can simply give it to your driver, and the problem is solved. Also, take the business card of your favorite restaurant, if it has one. That way, you can easily return there.

Get and use cash. Another useful information is that many banks impose you very high commissions if you’re using an ATM that doesn’t belong to their brand or is outside of its usual network. Although many travelers are used to taking out a large amount of money at their airport ATM and then exchange it at the airport, we strongly advise you not to do that. First of all, it’s not wise to walk around with large amounts of cash. Secondly, it’s possible to end up having local currency sums of money that you can’t use anymore. There are other solutions like using your debit or credit cards or choosing a combination of payment options. Of course, you should always carry a small amount of cash with you to use in case of emergencies. Place that money in a separate place, not where you keep your other forms of payment.

Fraud alerts. When discussing payment options, we also need to address the topic of fraud alerts! We advise you inform your bank and your bank’s fraud department of the countries you will be visiting and when. By having this info, they won’t think that your card has been stolen and decide to shut it off. Also, take the appropriate measures so that your bank will not regard your purchases as fraudulent.

Medicine. When traveling to a foreign place, it’s important not to forget to put into your luggage some medicine, especially if you have a prescription. It’s quite possible to find easily recognizable pharmacies at your destination, but it will be difficult to decipher which medications are the proper ones for you depending on your current symptoms. Therefore, it’s best to pack a bag with generic medicine that could fix the most common health problems you might experience while visiting a new country. This advice must be taken into account especially if the destination country has a bad healthcare system.

Travel smart, travel safely. Before traveling, you should verify the State Department’s travel warnings and alerts; by doing this, you will be familiarized with any alerts or problems that happen in the country you’re visiting. Make sure to follow their safe travel tips. Don’t forget to print out the address and contact information of the local embassy in case you need it.

Check your cell phone. To avoid international data roaming, ask your mobile phone company what kind of alternatives are available for you. Some companies recommend shutting your phone off if you don’t want to use up your data. In case you frequently travel for business reasons, it’s best to acquire an international calling and data arrangement.

Study maps. Don’t consider your sense of direction flawless. It’s easy to get lost in a foreign place. When in the US, you can easily find any location using the GPS on your phone. But when you modify your cell phone for roaming charges, it will prove quite difficult to do so in a different country. It’s best to buy or previously print off physical maps of the area and examine the places you will be visiting before actually arriving there.

Unwanted local currency fixes. On your last evening in a foreign nation, try to think of how much money you need to put aside for your hotel or transportation payments and how much money you are left with. The second category can be used to buy something to eat for the road, some souvenirs or you can simply re-exchange the money. Or, if you are into that, choose to add them to your foreign currencies collection.

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