Business trips might meddle with your family life, but they are extremely beneficial for companies. A study revealed that 79 percent of businessman answered that face to face meetings are essential for closing a deal. They don’t consider virtual meetings instrumental and that hybrid events don’t always produce the same result. Rest assured that corporate travel managers can conceive policies to improve work/life balance on the road. Here are some suggestions on healthy habits to follow:

Keep Dinners to a Minimum

The Dutch try to keep a balance between personal life and their work time. Therefore, managers strongly uphold an 8-to-5 schedule and tend to announce their workers with plenty of time in advance if they have to work overtime. Therefore, the concept of work dinners is rarely used by the natives and business travelers as well. The Dutch founder of the Intercultural Communication BV, Eleanore Breukel, confirms: “My advice is to ask [Dutch] contacts to dinner [only] if completely necessary.” So, whether your representatives travel to the Netherlands or another place, they should go for work lunches, breakfasts, and coffee instead of dinners. By doing this, the work/life balance remains unaltered.

Be Present

It’s only normal to be concerned both of your job and of your family while traveling for business reasons. But the regular travelers, who fly to multiple locations all over the world, find it difficult to stay focused on their current location. The writer, speaker, and consultant Eileen McDargh advises attempting to stay connected with the friends and loved ones who have remained back home. But she also adds: “stay…connected with your body. Be THERE. Don’t keep two watch times.”

Quality of Accommodations

GBTA (The Global Business Travel Association) and Cambria Suites stated that around 56 percent of travelers consider their hotel choice to be very important in maintaining their health and work/life equilibrium. The larger percentage of your free time is spent in the hotel you’re staying in; therefore the location and its amenities contribute a lot to your mood. Around 81% of business travelers admit using Wifi to get in touch with family and friends back home. If you book a hotel that doesn’t provide such amenities, your mood and the work/life balance will both be affected.

Introduce Gamification

Have you heard of the term gamification? This concept represents the tendency to use rewards and game techniques to stimulate good behavior. Travel planners use this technique to improve their organizations’ compliance percentages. We bet that you’ve encountered such system be it in the form of punch cards at a specific coffee shop or metrics-based work environments. In case you want travelers to display good manners while traveling, it’s a good idea to use such a reward system.

Quality and Value Matter

GBTA and Cambria Suite’s studies show that luxury or high-end accommodations don’t bear so much importance in raising work/life balance on the road. The research reveals that having the right instruments to finish work tasks faster, being in contact with family and making the right choices while traveling play the most significant roles in upholding work/life balance, despite the price. Amanda Rogers, a market analyst, says that a third of business travelers don’t frequently stay in high-end hotels, which can offer productivity problems due to lower sleep quality. Since travel planners struggle to assure that happiness remains high and the costs low, it seems that amenities are more significant than an overall star evaluation.

It’s quite difficult for corporate travel managers to offer their employees the adequate tools and policies to sustain a better balance on the road. For example, they seek to book with hotel providers that provide a positive work environment and encourage that meetings take place within business hours.

Keeping a work/life balance also means not worrying about the little things that you face every day like traffic or occupying a great parking spot. Seek the help of professionals to take care of all this. All you need to do enjoy yourself, make the most out of your every business trip and return to your loved ones.

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