Given the time, money and ability, everyone would love to travel and explore new places. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll love to pack for your trips. It’s one of the many headaches that people simply want to get over with, but the thing is, it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of travel packing hacks you can use to be simpler and more efficient in your packing. In fact, let’s check some of the best ones out:

Use the Roll-Up Method

If you’ve not tried this before, now’s the time. Rolling your clothes up saves space, and you can also go the extra mile by storing them in reusable and compressible plastic bags. It’ll put a few more minutes onto your packing time, but the upside is that you’ll get more space and ensure that your clothes don’t develop unsightly wrinkles.

The Bag Balancing Act

Ever seen or had your own luggage tipping over at every moment? It’s truly an annoying thing to experience, especially if it keeps happening, so you should do something about it. Pack heavier items like liquids, shoes and hefty items at the bottom of the luggage and lighter ones on top to balance it all out.

Remember Your Essential Items

You wouldn’t want to be that person digging furiously through your bag in search of one single thing. Bring along a small bag or pouch to store your essentials in. This can range from your handphone and passport to your scarf and snacks, so it’s really up to you to decide what you’re going to need while flying.

Avoid Mixing in Dirty Laundry

If you’re going to be staying at multiple destinations, you’ll want to separate your worn and unworn clothes in your luggage. Nobody wants to wear something new that smells days old, so do remember to bring along a lightweight bag to store your worn clothes in. Otherwise, you can also use the laundry bags provided by hotels.

Bring the Necessities

Admit it; we’ve all overpacked at some point or other. However, there are a few simple tricks you can use to avoid burdening yourself with too much on your trip. First of all, don’t bring something you’ve never worn before because you’re not likely to wear it. Secondly, whatever you intend to bring along, choose about half of it and leave the rest behind.

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