If you have never used limousine services before or have reserved a car and driver from a new company, there is always concern about meeting up at the airport. Especially if you have an extremely tight schedule, you want assurance that the chauffeur will be at the exact spot indicated by the limo company. Here are our best travel tips for finding your chauffeur at the airport.

What to Expect

Keep in mind that every limousine company does things a little differently. Therefore, when you reserve a limo and chauffeur, ensure you clearly understand what to expect. Sharing logistics is the company’s responsibility, so if no information is offered, consider this a red flag. A reputable limousine company will review every detail to ensure you feel 100% comfortable.

  • Signage – Typically, the easiest way to find your limo driver at the airport is to look for someone in a suit holding up a sign with your name on it. This is the traditional method used, which is easy for both parties. Depending on the configuration of the airport, the meeting spot could be directly when you get off the plane or it might be closer to the baggage claim area. Again, this information is provided by working with a top limousine company, thus eliminating any guesswork.
  • Curbside Pickup – Sometimes, a chauffeur will meet you at curbside. Often, this is the case in larger and more congested airports where getting past or close to security is a challenge. However, most airports have designated curbside areas where limousines and other ground transportation wait for passengers, so once you walk out of the airport, look for a professionally dressed individual holding a sign with your name on it.

Dealing with Mix-ups

Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can fall apart for one reason or another, so you should be prepared just in case there is some type of mix-up. Of course, always have the limousine company’s phone number handy, so if you cannot find the chauffeur, this would be your first phone call. The company can then page or call the driver to determine his or her location.

However, it is never a bad idea to add a local limousine company’s information to your phone, just in case. By working with a trusted limo company, there is little risk of something going wrong. Although accidents do happen and unexpected construction pops up, top-rated companies are prepared.

Choosing the Right Company

As mentioned, when you hire a chauffeur from a reputable limo company, such as Exclusive Sedan, you will be provided with all the information needed to meet up at the airport. However, if something unexpected arises, the company will contact you regarding changes.