Being a frequent business traveler means learning a few things over the years. We know how much you miss being home when you’re away, and that’s why we want to help you enjoy your trips for business as much as possible. Everyone has tips, but our LA Airport Shuttle service chauffeurs meet so many business travelers every day that we’ve acquired some of the best travel tips and advice in the world. Get ready to make this year your year in terms of learning to make the most of your travel, because these tips are going to change the way you experience business.

Become Brand Loyal

If you’re not already, become brand loyal. Choose a favorite airline and hotel, and watch as those businesses begin treating you like royalty. They want you to come back and visit as often as possible, and each time you stay makes them want you to come back even more. Stick with the airlines and hotels you have a membership with. They see how often you fly and stay with them, and they are more inclined to offer you discounts and upgrades when you stay. It makes a business trip a lot sweeter.

Be Nice

It’s not easy to be nice when you’re tired, exhausted, and you want to go home. Business travelers are often stressed and exhausted, and that’s why being nice is going to pay off for you. Have a smile on your face, be nice, and treat everyone you encounter with respect. Most people don’t bother with this, and that means those people will treat you better in turn. A flight attendant mistreated by passengers all day long is giving the one person who smiles and asks how her day is going an upgrade before anyone else. Being nice is the best advice you’ll ever receive.

Wait to Book Premium Seats

Nothing is free anymore, and that includes good seats on a plane. There was a day when you could choose any seat on any flight free of charge, but that day is long gone. Now it’s this amount for this, and that amount for that. You might assume you can get the best deal booking a seat in advance, but you can get them free of charge or for half the price if you wait until the day you take off. You always run the risk of a seat you don’t care for as much, but the savings are always worth it.


You can’t negotiate a deal on a flight, but you can do just that on a hotel room or a rental car. Our Los Angeles limo service loves to takes clients to and from the airport, events, and nights on the town, but we also know there are times when a rental car is a necessity. When you ask for an upgrade, be sure to negotiate the price with the rental agent. The one they give you is high, and they’re always willing to bend a bit to make you happy.

These tips work most of the time, but there are times when they’re not foolproof. You are capable of doing yourself a wonderful favor by learning to negotiate, by mastering the art of kindness, and by being aware of what’s going on when you travel. It’s easy for us to help you any way we can, and we appreciate your willingness to listen.