The foods you do and do not eat make a significant difference in your experience while flying. Even before getting a ride via an LA limo service, it is important to consider the foods and beverages consumed. You already face challenges with flying, such as pre-flight anxiety, security checkpoints, long lines at the baggage claim, and crying babies, so if you eat the wrong foods, the body often has an exaggerated response.

Food to Avoid

Each of the food items mentioned are notorious for causing gas, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation. Therefore, these foods should be avoided when flying.

  • Hamburger and French Fries — Both hamburgers and French fries are loaded with fat. Even nicer burger joints should be avoided prior to boarding a plane.
  • Beans — Regardless of the type of bean, you never want to eat beans before getting on a plane, especially when taking long flights.
  • Garlic and Onion — Both of these foods cause major problems. In addition to heartburn, gas, and bloating, garlic and onion absorb in the bloodstream,causing an unpleasant body and breath odor.
  • Carbonated Beverages — In addition to the problems mentioned, when youdrink sweet carbonated beverages, you will end up going to the restroom often, and find it difficult to nap on long flights.
  • Alcohol — Although you may want a beer or cocktail to help calm nerves, never consume alcoholic beverages. One issue is that alcohol causes dehydration, which is already a problem associated with flying. Because of this, the dehydration effect intensifies. However, the bigger issue is that too much alcohol can get you banned from the flight, if airport personnel deem you a security risk.


Food to Eat

Just as there are foods to avoid, you can make your flight more enjoyable by eating the right foods.

  • Salmon with Ginger — Eating salmon cooked with ginger helps boost the immune system. Because planes are filled with all types of germs, you want something that will help the body fight viruses, which is salmon with ginger.
  • Steamed Kale and Sweet Potato — These two foods combined are also recommended when flying. They’re loaded with vitamin A, which will protect mucus membranes in the nose—the first line of defense in fighting bacteria.
  • Greek Yogurt — In addition to tasting delicious, Greek yogurt has probiotics that fight germs


Making Travel Easier

To make your next flight easier, you want to avoid certain foods, while eating the right foods. However, you can make your trip even better by using ground transportation in the means of a reputable Los Angeles limousine service.